Employment Payroll

Offshore Employment
CMS is able to offer tailored offshore employment arrangement and solution to meet client specific requirement, structured in such a way to ensure compliance with appropriate national tax regimes. There is an opportunity for substantial cost saving in respect of employers secondary National Insurance contributions in certain circumstances. The individual seafarer is provided with a contract and written Terms and conditions of employment with the respective employing company.

Offshore Payroll
In conjunction with offshore employment services, we also offer payroll administration services, the key elements of which are:-
Maintenance of a computed payroll system
Weekly or monthly payroll as required
Production & issue of Pay slips
Communicating with tax authorities, person scheme, administrators etc and completion and submission of all applicable
Monthly / Annual forms / Returns on behalf of the employing company
Close liason with deploying companies

Onshore Payroll
We are similarly able to offer payroll bureau services, inclusive of all the key functions provided for offshore payrolls and inclusive of electronic payment salaries, electronic submission of monthly and annual tax.